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For those who own real estate, there comes a time when they may need to sell it themselves or a loved one may be tasked to do it. This process involves many resources and professionals and should not be done alone. We don't say this to stress anyone out, but to inform and assist with this process. 

Many people think that all Realtors do is market their property for sale, and yes, this is the first major step in the process, but it involves so much more. Such as understanding your needs completely from the sale of this property to a possible purchase of a new home, working within your timelines, and negotiating with multiple offers. We also offer the benefit of having the resources you need to sell your home, such as attorneys, home inspectors (yes sellers may need these too,) licensed technicians, home stagers, insurance, or even movers.


When you engage a Realtor in your sale process it also shows buyers and other agents that you are serious about the process and it gives the separation needed in showing your home as well. Buyers are usually more comfortable when homeowners are not present when viewing homes as well as making offers. We will cover more on this topic and others within this blog. 

Here within this blog, you will find beneficial information and tools to guide you in the selling process. The first step in the selling process is understanding your home's value and how you need to financially move onto a new home. Let's start that process now! 

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Just SOLD $625,900
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property watch report 

Just Listed $549,000

Have you ever gone online real estate site to check out what your home is worth? Did you see a for sale sign go up down your street and come down a short time later? Are you curious about how much it sold for? What is the average value per square foot for similar homes in your neighborhood? 

These questions and more can be provided with our eProperty Watch Report, where you will have access to your home's data and your neighborhood's real estate activities. 

It only takes a moment to provide your basic information to receive our report, where you will receive your property report within days of registering. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

but, what is included in an
e-property watch report?

It's About You

An e-Property Watch Report delivers information about YOUR home and neighborhood straight to your inbox. This report is tailored specifically to your home.  

Your Home's Value

Markets are dynamics and home values are constantly changing. With this report, you'll keep your finger on the pulse of your home's ever-changing value.  


Not only will you see what your home is worth today, but you will also see the industry's "home price index" forecast for what your home might be worth years from now. This will help in planning for your "real estate" future.  

Your Neighbors

With this report, you will be "in the know" of what is happening in your neighborhood. From sales to rentals to foreclosures - you will be informed to make decisions about the timing of whether to sell your home. 

And much more to come as the report details are always being advanced! 

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