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Do you ever pass by an open field or city lot and imagine what kind of home or building could be built there? Is there a derelict building in your neighborhood that deserves a redevelopment? Do you dream of a farm or ranch to raise animals and a family? 


These are the thoughts of a dreamer and are all achievable. Selling vacant land takes a creative mind and I would describe this as how I assist my client to sell their properties. I look at the possibilities of land as the dreamers do... with vision. Many people see dirt, brush and trees and old buildings, but with responsible development our land can be our greatest resource for housing, economic enhancement and for family farms. This look towards the future of land use is how I sell Vacant Land for property owners of all types; residential infill lots, multi-family parcels, farms & agricultural zoned land, small to large residential development land and commercial development (see my commercial page for more information.) 


As described on my home page, if you ask most Real Estate Agents if they want to list vacant land, they would say that they prefer not to. Why is that? Is it not as exciting as selling a beautiful home? Is it because the sales price is usually lower so there isn't a large commission waiting at the closing table? Do they know how to market the property without an Open House? 

All of these statements are true for most agents. Sadly it is not because they don't want to try, it's just a lack of creativity in my opinion. This is where I differ from most Real Estate Agents as I LOVE SELLING VACANT LAND! I see possibility under that brush, trees, dirt and even a few critters who may need to eventually relocate! I can help them find a new home too! 


Now you may be a land owner that is asking, "how much is my land really worth?" Are people buying land to build homes or developers starting new residential subdivisions or new commercial structures? The answer is YES to all of them. Central Florida and Orlando in general has a Strong Real Estate Market which is the result of a Strong Economy, Strong Job Growth, Beautiful Year-Long Weather and overall Great Area to Live In!! The population of Florida continues to grow by millions each year and Central Florida is a desirable location to be in, with so much to offer families and companies locating their operations here. 

If you own land of any size and are interested in learning more about its value, please complete the short form below and I will provide a specialized land market value report. This is not an Appraisal of your land. If that is your desire, please consult a licensed real estate appraiser in your area. Depending upon your situation and desire to sell, as Agents we have suggested that many land owners have a formal paid appraisal completed before going to market. Having this report in hand will greatly increase your chances of a sale and in a faster time period. This also gives you a strong hand in the negotiation process with your asking price with a buyer. This is your investment, it just makes sense to have knowledge on your side when selling it. 

Ever go to an Online Real Estate Website

to check out what your VACANT LAND is Worth? 

If you have tried using an online residential valuation website to see the value of your vacant land, you may have found that they don't allow reports on these type of properties or if they do, the value they give is extremely skewed, as they compare it to other residential homes or land with buildings. This is not an accurate report of the value of your land. These reports take time to evaluate, not less than 30 seconds. Would you trust anything that gives you a value in that amount of time that is your hard earned investment? I give you more credit than that since you are still reading this website. 


I provide a report that looks at multiple types of sales in your area as well as what that area is forecasting for future development, which contains an outlook on what could be built on your property. This holds value. 

FREE Market Value Report with No Obligations! 

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